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Hartstone Bible Camp is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to host church groups, retreats, and conferences at our 90-acre Northern California conference retreat center. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the image.

Hartstone Chapel
Fire Pit
Victory Circle Amphitheater
Fireside Family Room
Hartstone Sound Equipment

Our recently-renovated Chapel offers state-of-the-art sound equipment. We provide a sound system, visual projection equipment, a box drum, and a Clavinova weighted keys piano. You will need to bring your own musicians and instruments.


In the Chapel: We provide a sound system, visual projection equipment, a box drum, and a Clavinova weighted keys piano. You will need to bring your own musicians and instruments. We have a Behringer X 32-channel digital mixing board in our sound booth with input jacks built into the stage. There is an optional free compatible app that your sound person can also download to their own mobile device to sync to our board. There is really no need for bass amps/guitar amps being that our BOSE system is set up to handle these. We do not have stage monitors because they are unnecessary with the new technology that our BOSE speaker system provides. We also have an A/V compatible powered pulpit, 6 Music Stands, 6 Mics w/stands (wired), 2 Wireless Handheld Mics, 2 Wireless over the ear head sets for preaching, 4 Guitar/Bass stands with 4 patch cords, 2 DI Boxes and a powered drop down screen with a high end projector. We also have a Blu-ray DVD player, HDMI, Apple and Chromecast Boxes set up to be compatible with your gear.

It is encouraged for you to bring your own laptop computer or tablet to run your slide presentation for song lyrics, etc. We have adapter hardware to convert thunderbolt ports on Mac laptops to our HDMI connections to the projector and 3.5 mm jack ports that plug into to play music through devices like smart phones/tablets through the sound system. You can also record messages if you’d like. For lighting, we have dimmable LED house lights and dimmable stage lights.

At Victory Circle-Outdoor Amphitheater and any outside preferred meeting locations: We have available a small 10-channel portable sound system with 2 wireless hand held mics and a 3.5 mm jack port that plugs in to play audio/music through devices like smart phones or tablets. In keeping with the peaceful and natural atmosphere of Hartstone and out of respect for our neighbors, we request moderation in the noise volume of your powered amplification of music, voices, and instruments.

If applicable, or if you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director at our Northern California Christian campground conference retreat center prior your arrival to confirm your A/V needs.


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